Sending Surveys with Office 365

Departments wishing to use a third-party service to circulate an email survey to large groups of U of T students, faculty or staff can now request to use an email address to ensure: 

  • messages are not rejected or otherwise tagged as SPAM 

  • messages are delivered to the ‘focused’ inbox in UTmail+. 

  • the mail is sent from a U of T email address to encourage recipients to respond. 

To set up this service for your survey, send an email to with the following information: 

  1. Survey Sponsor (contact information). 
  2. Survey Vendor (technical contact information). 
  3. Links to Vendor's instructions on improving delivery (if available).
  4. The survey period: start date (allow time for testing), closing date. 
  5. IP Address range for Survey Vendor’s Sending infrastructure 
  6. If is not acceptable as the ‘From’ address on the survey: 
    • Work with the Survey Sponsor to define an acceptable ‘From’ address in the domain along with the display name for that address and the desired target email address. 
    • Relay the contact details to the O365 Tier 3 team for creation on or about the specified start date. 
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2018-12-05 14:19
Amanda Wagner
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