Importing Contacts to Outlook Web Access

Modify the contacts file

If you exported your UTORmail contacts to a CSV file, the contacts file needs to be modified because the first, middle, and, last names of each contact have been placed into one field called Name. The names in that field will need to be manually split into the fields First NameMiddle Name, and Last Name so that they will be imported into UTmail+ correctly. Unfortunately there is no automated process that can do this as some names have multiple first, middle, and last parts.

  1. Open the file in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Change the header of the first column from name to First Name.
  3. Insert two columns to the right of First Name (formerly name).
  4. The headers of the new columns should be Middle Name and Last Name.
  5. For each name in the First Name (formerly name) field, split the name across each of the three name fields manually.
  6. Save the file.

Import into UTmail+

  1. Log into UTmail+ and go to People view.
  2. Click Manage and choose Import contacts.
  3. Click on Browse to locate your CSV file, then click Open

    Import contacts

  4. Click Import and you will see a window indicating the process is done and how many contacts were imported.
  5. Click Close. Your contacts will now be available to you.
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2019-02-12 13:44
Amanda Wagner
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