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Phishing email alert: Email with Subject: "Illegal Sign-in Alert" appearing to come from our Help Desk is fraudulent

An email has been sent out in large volumes today where the address of the sender appears to be the Help Desk ( - We did not send this email, nor would we ever send you an email with a link requiring you to log in with your credentials.  

The subject line reads: Illegal Sign-in Alert 

In some cases the body of the message may be blank -  Otherwise the: The body reads:

Information Commons Help Desk
Illegal Sign-in Alert
We noticed series of login attempts to your UTORmail account from an unrecognized device today Sun, Dec 15, 2013 01:35 CEST from Pakistan.
Was this you? If so, you need to pass Help desk second sign-in verification thereof. However, if this wasn't you, please follow the link below please sign in and verify your account information by clicking the link below:
[link removed] 
We shall continually notify you whenever theres any security compromise on your account.
Thank you.
Information Commons Help Desk


We do not send out messages of this nature.  For more information on how to protect yourself from this kind of attack read the following article:

Last update: 2014-01-20 15:03
Author: James Lawson

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