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New Malicious Email (phishing) alert

A number of our clients have recently received a fraudulent email message. Please see the bottom of this article for the full content of the message. 

Do NOT click on the link and ignore all emails that look anything like it .  UofT will never send you emails asking you to click on a link or to respond with account details.  

Some telltale signs of email fraud: 

1) The email urges you to take immediate action for some kind of account - URGENCY is usually a trap - the perptrator of the fraud is counting on you to make a panicked decision. 

2) The email demands that you follow a link. Do not follow the link - in most cases it will lead to a site asking for you to log in, in others it leads to a website containing malicious software which can compromise your computer. Alternately the email requests that you respond with account details by email. U of T will never send out emails requesting your account details in this way. 

3) Sometimes examining the sender address reveals it is clearly not from the organization it claims to represent. Please note sometimes a fraudster can either fake a U of T address or may have taken control of a real U of T account

4) More spelling or grammar mistakes appear than you would expect from professional communication.

All of these are present in the email below which was received by several of our clients this morning:


Date: Monday, July 10, 2017 7:52 AM
From: Firstname Lastname
Reply-To: Firstname Lastname
Subject: Mailbox Issues

This is a courtesy notice from Admin Team, and it is to inform you that your account has exceeded it's quota on the database server.
Your email account will be blocked if your account is not verified within 48 hours.
Click on your email Below to your email account restore access
Best Regards.
Utoronto Admin Team

Last update: 2017-07-10 09:38
Author: James Lawson

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