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Data Breach has affected some U of T Email Accounts

Yesterday, a public announcement was made of the release of a new collection of email addresses and passwords from ‘dark web’ sources.  

ISEA (Information Security and Enterprise Architecture) has identified 138 compromised email/UTORid accounts. These accounts will have their passwords reset immediately.


  • Those affected by the password reset can restore their password using the UTORauth Self Serve Password Reset service or contact a campus help desk service.
  • Password usage awareness is a key factor in reducing the impact of compromise. Ie. Use a separate password for each service, use passwords with sufficient length and complexity (min. 10 char., longer phrases, etc.)
  • All community members should enroll in the UTORid self-serve password reset service:
  • Use multi-factor authentication wherever possible.
Last update: 2019-01-18 13:54
Author: Amanda Wagner

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