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Warning: Fake UofT emails being sent with the intent of stealing your UTORid password or getting you to run malicious software

Your UTORid is  the target of the latest round of "phishing" attacks we have seen at the University. The one most recently circulated includes a UofT crest, a warning that that you have received an infected file, and a link to a non-UofT website. The website that was being used on emails sent out on December 5 has been taken down due to an abuse complaint, however it is likely that fresh emails will be sent out pointing to a new website.

Protect yourself by verifying that you only use your UTORid on legitimate UofT websites. You can identify legitimate sites by looking at the security certificate.  The certificate will appear as a green or blue bar or text in your web browser's address bar which will show that the site you are on has a University of Toronto (CA).  Below is one example of how this looks. For more information on phishing attacks and examples of valid UofT site certificates on different browsers, please look at this article on avoiding email fraud .

 The real UofT weblogin has a site certificate that looks like this: 

 Windows 7 and Firefox 3


Last update: 2011-12-06 12:58
Author: James Lawson

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