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Warning: New round of email fraud (phishing attacks) hitting UofT email accounts

You may have received an email message that asks you to reply with your UTORid and password or visit (a fake) self-service web page where you are prompted for account details. (It may have been delivered to your junk-mail folder.)

The latest messages are using official-looking UofT and UTmail+ logos -Currently the Subject line reads:

"Important Information University of Toronto ITS Server" 

and the body of the email reads:

Your email account has been reported for numerous spams Activities from a
foreign ip recently. As a result of this the utoronto 's ITS
has received advice to suspend  your account.

However, you might not be the one promoting this Spam,as your email account
might have been compromised.
To protect your account from sending spam mails, You are to confirm your true
ownership of this account by Clicking on this link below to Login and
confirm in one simple step.On receipt of the requested information,the 

Web-Mail email support shall block your account for Spam.


This message was sent by criminals who want to steal your account. Do not follow the link provided in the email – only log into websites you know to be legitimate UofT websites.

For more information on how to be sure that a website is legitimate please see this article:  

If you provided your credentials to the senders of this message, change your password right away. If you have further questions or concerns call the Help Desk @ 416-978-HELP(4357) or visit us during our hours of service.

Last update: 2012-03-30 09:53
Author: James Lawson

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