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Support for 80211b scaled back: Older wireless devices may have trouble connecting to UofT and UTORwin wireless networks starting Monday August 13th.

In order to allow our wireless networks to operate at faster speeds, very old wireless devices based on the 802.11b (or "Wireless B") standard will only operate at full speed (11 Mbps) — this means that older 802.11b wireless devices will need to be very close to the wireless access point in order to get a connection. Eventually, the Help Desk will cease support for the 802.11b wireless standard. If you have an old computer using the 802.11b wireless standard, you may be able to get a newer wireless g or n card.

The 802.11b standard was superceded in 2003 by 802.11g ("Wireless G") and again in 2009 by 802.11n ("Wireless N") which offer progressively faster speeds. Allowing devices to connect at slower 802.11b speeds has been slowing down all traffic through the access point. Based on usage statistics from early 2012 over a 3-month period, fewer than 1% of connections used 802.11b — we expect that percentage to be even lower now. UofT networks will continue to support the wireless A, G and N standards.

Last update: 2012-08-29 12:31
Author: James Lawson

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