• Thunderbird configuration instructions for Windows
    These instructions are for Windows operating systems. You must first activate your UTORid. If you have not, you can find out how to do this from ...
  • TCard+
    Description Your TCard is more than just your ID or Library card. With TCard+ now available at the St. George Campus, students, faculty and staff can swipe and ...
  • Toronto Public Library computers do not load UofT Webmail
    Currently, webmail does not work on computers at Toronto Public Libraries due to configuration issues with the libraries’ computer systems. Please access your UTORmail account at another ...
  • Troubleshooting Office 365 Issues
    Outlook Configuration There are sometimes issues with configuring UTmail+ accounts in Outlook 2016. Microsoft has created a tool called the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 ...
  • Thunderbird sending old email address after changing it
    After changing your email address, you need to change the settings in Thunderbird to use your new email address. Start Thunderbird. From the Tools menu, select ...
  • Thunderbird on UTORexchange: Set up options for deleted messages
    Note: These are alternative configurations for how Thunderbird deals with deleted messages. The recommended settings can be read in the article Configuring Thunderbird for UTORexchange. From ...
  • Troubleshooting Web Browser Issues with UTmail+
    Most of the problems we have seen with using UTmail+ in Web browsers is because of a browser Add-on (also called extensions or plug-ins). This ...
  • Thesis Formatting and Submission
    The Information Commons can assist you with with formatting your thesis in Microsoft Word and converting it to a PDF. You can make an appointment ...
  • Troubleshooting
    Reattach/recreate Signatures — Outlook signatures are stored within windows profile and NOT the e-mail profile. Once you've been migrated to UTmail+, the signature appears to be lost ...

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