Locations of Library computers available for visitors (LIRA Workstations)

Library & Internet Resource Account (LIRA) workstations for visitors can be found in the following locations:

To use the LIRA workstations, you must have a UTORid or create a free LIRA account. The LIRA computers are reserved for academic research only. Email, chat, games, gambling, programming and recreational Internet searching are not permitted. Patrons are requested to restrict use to 30 minutes

They are labelled with the following sign:

LIRA workstation

LIRA Workstations in Robarts

1st Floor
Quick Print workstations at Printing Kiosks allow LIRA log ins in order to print documents.

2nd Floor
All 16 CAF computers in the Porticoes are LIRA workstations. (RPW201 - RPW208, RPW251 - RPW258).

3rd Floor
Walking towards the 3 computers near the escalators, the rightmost (ROW302) is a LIRA workstations.

4th Floor
LIRA workstations are located in the Reference Services area to the left as you exit the elevators. The computers near the Reference Desk are LIRA computers (REW411, REW417, REW419 and, REW420). One additional LIRA workstation is located in the Course Reserves area (SLW401).

8th Floor
Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library
LIRA workstations in theCheng Yu Tung East Asian Library (Rm 8049), are located to the right as you exit the elevators. Follow the corridor to the East Asian Library. The first three computers (EAW801, EAW802, and EAW803) directly in the centre of the room are the LIRA workstations.

Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library
LIRA workstations in the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library, are located to the left as you exit the elevators. Turn left when you enter the Library. Two computers near the Reference Desk are LIRA computers (HKW802, and HKW804).

9th Floor
The LIRA workstations are located directly behind the elevators on the 9th floor. Exit the elevators, stay to your right. Follow the wall around to LIRA workstations (RSW105, SW106, RSW107, RSW108, and RSW110).

11th Floor
To access the LIRA stations on the 11th floor make a left as you exit the elevators. There are 9 workstations (RSW303, RSW304, RSW305, RSW306, RSW307, RSW308, RSW309, RSW310, and SW311) which are LIRA stations.

13th Floor
To access the LIRA stations on the 13th floor, make a left as you exit the elevators. There are 9 workstations (RSW503, RSW504, RSW505, RSW506, RSW507, RSW508, RSW509, RSW510, nd RSW511) which are LIRA stations.

LIRA Workstations in Gerstein Library

Gerstein LIRA workstations (GEW006, GEW007, GEW008, GEW009, GEW025, GEW026) are located on the main floor in the information area to the right of the entrance. There are four standing stations facing the aisle and one sitting station right behind them.

LIRA Workstations in Sandford Fleming Building (10 King's College Road)

2nd Floor
LIRA workstations are located in the Engineering & Computer Science Library (Room 2402). There are 4 LIRA workstations (ENW025, ENW026, ENW027, and ENW030), closest to the public printer, near the Information Desk.

LIRA Workstations in Bahen Centre for Information Technology (40 St George Street)

LIRA workstations are located in the Mathematical Sciences Library (Room 6141). There are 4 LIRA workstations (MAW001, MAW002, MAW003, and MAW004).

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