Wireless printing for Mac OS X 10.7 and up

Note: You must be connected to the UofT wireless network if you want to print your documents wirelessly.

You can print wirelessly from your Mac to selected campus printers.

Configure a new printer:

  1. Click on the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
  2. Click the Printers & Scanners icon.

    Mac Wireless setup 1

  3. Click on the "+" icon on the bottom left side of the window to add a new printer. You may need to click the lock icon (bottom left corner) before the + sign is available

    Mac Wireless setup 2

  4. In the Printer Browser window, select the IP icon at the top. 

      • For protocol, make sure LPD (Line Printer Daemon) is selecte.
      • For address type: printhere.utoronto.ca
      • Type in the Queue and Name of the printer you wish to add. The list is as follows:

    NameQueueDuplexingPrintable Instructions
    Athletic Centre Colour Printer AC-Colour    yes PDF
    Emmanuel Library B&W Printer EM-BW yes PDF
    Engineering Library B&W Printer EN-BW yes PDF
    Gerstein Library B&W Printers GE-BW yes PDF
    Gerstein Library Colour Printer GE-Colour    no PDF
    Graham Library B&W Printer GR-BW yes PDF
    Graham Library Colour Printer GR-Colour    no PDF
    Innis Library B&W Printer IN-BW yes PDF
    iSchool Inforum B&W Printer IS-BW yes PDF
    iSchool Inforum Colour Printer IS-Colour    no PDF
    Ivey Library B&W Printer IV-BW yes PDF
    Kelly Library B&W Printer KE-BW yes PDF
    Kelly Library Colour Printer KE-Colour    no PDF
    Noranda Library B&W Printer NO-BW yes PDF
    OISE Library B&W Printer EC-BW yes PDF
    Pratt B&W Printer (1st Floor) PR-BW-1 yes PDF
    Pratt Colour Printer (1st Floor) PR-Colour yes PDF
    Rehabilitation Sciences Computer Lab B&W Printer RH-BW yes PDF
    Robarts InfoCommons B&W Printers IC-BW yes PDF
    Robarts InfoCommons Colour Printer IC-Colour no PDF
    Robarts Reference B&W Printers RE-BW yes PDF
    University College Commuter Student Centre B&W Printer    UC-CSC-BW    yes PDF
    University College Laidlaw Library B&W Printer UC-LIB-BW    yes PDF

  5. Click the Add button to complete the configuration.

    Mac Wireless setup 3

  6. Quit System Preferences.

How to Print:

  1. Open the document you wish to print.
  2. From the File menu, choose Print.
  3. Select the desired (wireless) printer location from the pull-down menu in the Print window.
    Mac Wireless setup 4
  4. Set any other layout settings you wish to apply.
  5. Click Print.
  6. Go to the printing station to complete the print job.

To find out more about wireless printing, please refer to the printhere.utoronto.ca web page.

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