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UTmail+ is the student email and calendar service at the University of Toronto. The service is powered by Microsoft’s Office 365 platform and supports integrated email, calendaring, contacts and task lists.

UTmail+ lets you use a web browser to access your mailbox from any computer that has an internet connection. You can also access UTmail+ through mail clients like Outlook, or mobile devices like iPhone.

Note: The instructions below help you set up your device or application using Microsoft Exchange, or IMAP. We do not recommend or support using POP to retrieve your email. 

Getting UTmail+

Activating for New Students — If you are starting at UofT as a new student, these instructions will guide you through activating your UTmail+ account.

Activating a UTmail+ Account for Students who registered at U of T before September 2011 — If you are a returning UofT student with a UTORmail account, this article will explain how to obtain a UTmail+ account.

Getting Your messages in UTmail+ — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account through using a web browser.

UTmail+ for Mobile and Tablet Devices

UTmail+ for iOS

iOS — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using an iOS device such as an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.

UTmail+ for Android

Android — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a device with the Android Operating System.

UTmail+ for Blackberry

Blackberry — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a Blackberry Device.

UTmail+ for Windows RT

Windows RT — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a Windows RT tablet.

UTmail+ for Desktop Clients

UTmail+ for Desktop Clients

Desktop Mail Clients — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using desktop mail clients in Windows or Mac OSX.

General Information

Using Email — An introduction to the Email features of UTmail+.

Using Calendar — An introduction to the Calendar features of UTmail+.

Using Contacts — An introduction to the Contacts features of UTmail+.

Click here to show all general information articles.

General Troubleshooting

Clearing Browser Cookies —This article explains how to fix a potential login issue seen after the upgrade 

Accessing your SkyDrive account after the UTmail+ upgrade — This article explains the changes in how to access your SkyDrive account 

Downloading SkyDrive contents — This article explains how to download all your SkyDrive contents to your computer. 

Importing Messages from UTORmail to UTmail+ — This article will walk you through setting up Connected Accounts so that UTmail+ can import your messages from UTORmail.

Moving your Address Book from UTORmail webmail to UTmail+ — This article will walk you through exporting UTORmail contacts and importing them into UTmail+.

User Tips

Microsoft Knowledge Base — Microsoft supports a complete Knowledge Base available at

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