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The People section is where personal email addresses and personal contact lists are stored. It can be used to record extra information beyond just email address details, such as addresses, phone numbers and other personal information. When you add contacts, one of the places you can choose addresses from is the Global Address List (GAL), which contains the addresses of everyone who has a UTmail+ account and has agreed to be listed in the GAL.


Create a New Contact

  1. In the People view click new.
  2. Choose create contact.
  3. Fill in the person’s name and email address and any other information you'd like: telephone numbers, address, etc.
  4. Click save.

Creating a Contact from an Email

  1. Open the email and right-click on the name/address.
  2. Click details.
  3. In the window that pops up, click ADD TO CONTACTS and choose add to contacts.
  4. A new contact form will open with the name and email address filled in. Add other information if required, click SAVE.

Finding a Contact in Your Personal Contacts List

  1. Type part of the contact’s name in the search people box and press Enter. A list of matches will appear below the search box. Select the one you want to use and select an option from the header in the right pane.


If you regularly email a small group of people you can create a personal group in your Contacts folder. A message sent to a group goes to all the
contact addresses listed in the list and each recipient sees the names of all ther recipients in the To: field. There is a maximum of 100 users in a group.

Creating a Group

  1. In the People view click new.
  2. Choose create group.
  3. Type a name for the group in the Group name field.
  4. Start typing in the Members field. It may show names of people in your contact list, which you can click to choose, or you can click Search Contacts & Directory. This will result in a pull-down list of contacts that match your search criteria.
  5. Choose the name of the contact you wish to add. Continue until you have all the group members you want.
  6. Click Save.

Importing Contacts

  1. Go to People view.
  2. Click the Settings icon and choose Import contacts.
  3. Click on Browse to locate your CSV file, then click open

    Import contacts
  4. Click next and you will see a process indicator.
  5. You will see a window indicating the process is done.
  6. Click finish.

Your contacts will now be available to you. Be sure to check through your imported contacts to ensure all information has been properly imported.

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