Prepare your mailbox for your upgrade to UTmail+

The upgrade process cannot move any messages that are larger than 17.5 MB (17920 KB) or have more than 100 attachments. In order to ensure that no such messages are lost, log in to Webmail and:

  1. Starting with your INBOX, sort the folder by Size. To do this, click on the word Size (on the right hand side of the screen) until a downward pointing arrow appears to the left of the word Size.
  2. Open any messages larger than 17.5 MB (17920 KB). At this stage either:
    • Save any attachments to your computer and delete the email.
    • Forward the email to another email address and delete the email once you have received the forwarded copy.
  3. Check any remaining large messages to ensure that there are none with over 100 attached files. To do this simply open messages one at a time and check below Subject in the section Parts (which contains all attached files). Make sure the number of attached files is below 100.
  4. Click on the word Date on the left hand side until a downward pointing arrow appears to the left of the word Date.
  5. Click Purge Deleted to permanently delete all the messages, or if those words are not found above the word Size, click on Empty Trash below the university crest.

Follow the same steps for each folder you have in your UTORmail account. To navigate to your other folders, click on the Folders icon, located below the university crest and open one by clicking on its name.

Once you have deleted the files you cannot move to UTmail+, you will be ready to upgrade.

Last update:
2019-01-25 15:51
Luke Sutherland
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