Forwarding Email from UTmail+

You may wish to receive your University Student Email in another email account such as a staff account, or a non-UofT email account.

The University of Toronto will ensure message delivery between the University, your UTmail+ account, and/or your staff account (UTORexchange or UTORmail). The University of Toronto cannot guarantee that messages will successfully be received if forwarded to other services (such as Gmail, Hotmail, or any non-UofT address).

Factors beyond our control, including external spam filters and mail routing problems, may prevent message delivery. The University will only communicate personal information to accounts contained in official records.

The Governing Council's Policy on Official Correspondence with Students is available here.

Procedure to forward email from UTmail+

  • Log into your UTmail+ mailbox through .
  • Click on the Settings icon (Settings Icon), then begin typing forwarding into the search field. When it appears below the field, click on it.
  • Enter the email address you would like the mail forwarded to.
  • Ensure that the box for Keep a copy of forwarded messages is checked. This will ensure that if a messages is lost in transit to your forwarding address, you can still retrieve the original message on UTmail+.
  • click Save.
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