Set up Your Options for the new Password Reset Tool

The Password Reset Tool allows you to reset your UTORid password if you have forgotten it.

You can choose from the following methods:

  • SMS text message to a mobile phone
  • Message sent to an alternate email address
  • In-Person only (if you choose this option, you will need to visit a Help Desk to reset your password)

For the first two methods, a security code will be sent to you which you use to verify your identity on the password reset web page. If you choose In-Person Only you will need to visit a Help Desk.

If you choose either the SMS text message or alternate email address option you may change your account recovery method yourself.

Setting Your Password Reset / Account Management Options

  1. Go to UTORid Management and select set up your password reset / account management options under Password and Account Management
  2. Enter your UTORid and password.

    Log In

  3. Under Password Reset & Account Management Options fill in the fields for the requested information. To use In-Person Only (Help Desk), you do not need to fill in any of the fields.
  4. In step 2, select your preferred method. If you choose In-Person Only (Help Desk), you will only be able to reset your password by visiting a Help Desk in person with a valid ID.
    • Via SMS - Mobile Phone
    • Alternate email
    • In-Person Only (Help Desk)
  5. Click Update when finished. 

    Fill In Mobile Number and Alternate Email Address

  6. You will then see a Password Reset Confirmation window. Review the instructions and click Confirm. After clicking on the link, you will see a confirmation window.No other action is required.
  7. Once you have set up your password recovery options, it can take up to 20 minutes before you can recover your password.

  8. Close your browser when finished.
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2016-06-23 20:17
Luke Sutherland
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