Using the Password Reset Tool

Once you have registered for the Password Reset tool, you may use it any time you have forgotten your password if you chose either the SMS text message or alternate email address option. If you chose In-Person Only you will need to visit a Help Desk.

Resetting Your Forgotten Password

  1.  Go to UTORid Management and select reset your forgotten password under Password and Account Management.
  2.  Enter your UTORid and click Next 

    Enter Your UTORid

    If you chose the Alternate Email Address option, the next screen will ask for a Security Code, which has been sent to your alternate email address (note: this message is valid for 15 minutes). Enter that code in the appropriate field and click Next. If you do not see the messages in your Inbox, check your Spam or Junk folders and mark the message as not spam to prevent it from going to your Spam or Junk folder in the future.

    If you chose the SMS - Mobile Phone option, the next screen will ask for the last four digits of your cell phone you provided when setting up for this service. Enter the last four (4) digits and and click Next. You should then see a confirmation that a text message has been sent to your number. You should receive a text message with a security code on your phone.

    SMS message with code

    Enter that code in the appropriate screen and click Next.

  3. The next screen prompts you to create a new password.  Click Next to submit the password change request.  If there are no errors, you will see a confirmation that your password has been changed. Exit completely from the browser once you are finished.

    create new password
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