Frequently Asked Questions About the UTmail+ Outage

General Questions

Will my old email be deleted?

All email will be migrated during the outage from data centers in the United States to Canada.

Will the University add an autoreply to accounts during the outage? Can I add my own autoreply?

No, there will not be a system-wide autoreply. Placing your own autoreply will not trigger an autoreply during the outage. The autoreply will trigger when queued messages are processed after the outage.

Will forwarding work during the outage?

Forwarding will not work during the outage. Messages will be queued and forwarded after the outage.

Can my email be placed in the priority queue?

All mail will be migrated during the outage and be made available when completed. The priority queue exists for OneDrive file migration only. If you need access to your OneDrive files before migration download the OneDrive app and sync to your local workstation. See Downloading your OneDrive Data.

Can my OneDrive content be placed in the priority queue?

Prior to migration we suggest that you download the OneDrive app and sync the contents of OneDrive to your local workstation.  This will ensure that you have access to your documents both during and after the UTmail+ outage. See Downloading your OneDrive Data.

Alumni Questions

Will Alumni have access to Office 365 apps and OneDrive after the outage?

No. During the outage an audit of all accounts will be carried out to ensure the University is in compliance with the Microsoft licensing agreement. Alumni are entitled to email accounts only. Access to all other Office 365 services such as OneDrive cease at graduation. This policy will now be enforced.

Will Alumni have access to the OneDrive archive?

Yes, until November 1, 2017. See Accessing your Archived UTmail+ Account Data.

I have an account. Will it be affected by the outage?

No, only alumni accounts ending in will be affected.

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